Naked wire killed them in the bathroom .. New details in the accident of killing two newlyweds in Qalyubia


The investigations of the security services in Qalyubia into the death of two newlyweds on the night of the wedding in the bathroom of their apartment revealed that the accident occurred while bathing on the morning’s day

The inspection also revealed the presence of an uninsulated part of the electrical wire for the mirror lighting lamps inside the bathroom, which caused their shock.

On the other hand, the prosecution listened to the statements of their family members, who confirmed that the accident was a result of electrocution.

They indicated that the death occurred a few hours after entering the marital home, after the wedding night that took place in one of the halls.

The family of the newlyweds also indicated that the last time they saw them was at one in the morning after the end of the wedding ceremony inside one of the wedding halls, and they discovered the incident several hours later, when the groom’s mother went to their apartment to check on them and when she did not find a response from them, she sought help from the neighbors who broke the door of the apartment, where they were surprised by two bodies. Lifeless inside the bathroom.

The bodies of the newlyweds were transferred to Al-Khanka Hospital, where they were kept in the morgue at the disposal of the prosecution, and the necessary report was issued to complete the legal procedures.

On the other hand, the pages of a number of Facebook pioneers, from the families and relatives of the deceased, turned into a mourning book for the newlyweds.

The director of Qalyoubia security, Major General Fakhr El Din Al Arabi, received a notification from the chief of Al Khosous Investigation, Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Aql, that the families had reported the discovery of the bodies of two married couples in the apartment where they live, located on “Petroleum” Street, the department of the department.

Moving and inspecting, it was found that “MAAS”, a worker and his bride, “NMA”, a housewife inside the bathroom of the apartment, were killed, and there were no apparent injuries as it turned out that they were new grooms.

And in an accident Other Various, I decided on behalf of the department Qalyoub Two brothers were detained for 4 days pending investigations, and the prosecution ordered the security services to quickly arrest and bring a third brother for them. To kill them a carpenter armed with white weapons.
The two brothers “MSM”, 31 years old, an armed carpenter, and “HSM”, 40 years old, a driver, confessed to committing the incident with the help of their fugitive brother, adding that they did not intend to kill him.The prosecution charged the two brothers with murder and possession of white weapons and authorized the burial of the body, and requested security services inquiries about the incident and taking into account the security implications in the region.

And they added, “When we saw the victim walking in the street, we went to ask for money for the rest of the accounts between us, as he worked as an armed carpenter with us, but he ran us down in the street and a quarrel broke out between us, and immediately our third brother came and we quarreled with him, and we stabbed him with white weapons, a pocketknife and a cutter all over his body, and we left him. Soaked in his blood in the middle of the street, and we fled from the place of the incident. “

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