Nelly Karim and Mohamed Ramadan break dishes inside a restaurant in Dubai


The star Nelly Karim shared a video of her audience with the star Mohamed Ramadan, while they were in one of the famous Greek restaurants in Dubai, and they appeared breaking the dishes, and Nelly wrote: “He had dinner.”

It is noteworthy that the Greek restaurant follows the method of crushing dishes, to evoke Roman rituals, instead of washing them due to the ancient Greek heritage.

The star Nelly Karim celebrated the end of filming her new movie “Tuesday 12”, and Nelly shared with her fans pictures through her Instagram account, and wrote on the pictures, saying: “Farkash Tuesday 12”, and the movie “Tuesday 12” was filmed in Abu Dhabi and directed by Magdy Samiri and its starring role. Nelly Karim, Basem Yakhour, Omar Mikati, Badie Abu Shukra, Steffeni Atallah, Joya Jabbour, Pierre Samaan, Nour Ihab, and Carole Abboud.

The film revolves around three 14-year-old girls who struggle with their parents to achieve their dreams despite social differences, and each of the protagonists faces unavoidable dilemmas and challenges, Amal Sports, Salma is a pianist, and Noor is a dancer..

Nelly Karim is currently associated with filming the movie “Agent Safar” with the star Akram Hosni and director Mohamed Sami, which is the idea of ​​Muhammad Sami and Akram Hosni and the screenplay and dialogue of Wael Abdullah and co-stars in Belba, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Alaa, Darine Haddad, Laila Ezz Al Arab and a number of other artists.

It is reported that Nelly Karim presented her latest work in the series B 100 Wesh, starring Asir Yassin, Mustafa Darwish and Islam Ibrahim, and a large number of artists, written by Ahmed Wael and Amr Al-Daly, directed by Kamila Abu Zikry..


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