Netanyahu pledges to give “the best health care in the world” to the wife of spy Pollard


Netanyahu pledges to give


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to provide “the best health care in the world” to the wife of the former American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, who has been at the center of a US-Israeli dispute.

“We are waiting for you with open arms,” ​​Netanyahu said during a phone call with Jonathan Pollard and his wife Esther on Tuesday. “You really have to feel at home and live a comfortable life now.”

Netanyahu also touched on the health condition of Pollard’s wife, who suffers from cancer, and indicated that she would be allowed in Israel to receive “the best medical treatment in the world.” For his part, Pollard thanked Netanyahu for fulfilling his promise years ago when he said that he would bring him to Israel, and Netanyahu said to Pollard’s wife, Esther, “We are waiting for you, even in the age of Corona, with open arms, I want to congratulate you on the end of this nightmare and you can return to your homes. Israel”.

On Friday, the United States allowed the former American Jewish spy, Jonathan Pollard, who was the focus of an American-Israeli dispute, to leave the United States, and this former analyst in the US Navy intelligence was arrested in 1985 on charges of spying for Israel, and he was sentenced in 1987 to life imprisonment in 1987. Although he admitted his guilt within the framework of an agreement concluded by his lawyers with the court, hoping to reduce the sentence.



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