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The first challenge facing Biden, the “president,” is to prove that he is a “first man” and not just a “second man” who was like the shadow of President Obama..and that is not by impartial decisions, nor a show of strength … but with disciplined decisions that prove that he has an independent vision and prove his ability to Leadership, and prove that he was worth the votes!

Certainly, this is achieved at all political and economic levels, both internal and external .. And in any case, the “second man” is not a crime, but rather it means that he came from the ruling elite, and he was also a policymaker .. and it means that Obama must prove something, which is something Another, under different conditions and a changing world!

The second man or Sinid is an issue that can be discussed in art and not politics .. In art, we may talk about “Nabulsi” or Hassan Hosni, who plays the role of politics, we cannot say that Biden is just a Sneed or a person with a lackluster personality .. Is this The man who came out from under the gun and lived as a senator for nearly half his life, could it be a coincidence or a stroke of luck ?!

I do not think that Biden is without personality and without an independent vision .. I do not think that Obama chose him as his deputy because he is a “Siamese cat”, on the contrary, he chose a man with a history, who could add votes to him in the elections, and add to him in the positions during the ruling upon entering the White House!

In Arabic, the Americans do not choose men from the “Siamese cats” family to enter the White House..Biden is not a Siamese cat, but he is not a predatory lion, nor a troublemaker..and therefore those who fear or underestimate his entry into the White House are measured by personalities in our lives … Mostly artistic, cinematic and comedic characters!

The man is not a compass, nor is he a pharaoh .. I think that his dealings with the region will be based on studies presented by research and political centers and congressional decisions .. and he may be a conservative personality and this is useful to us .. he will listen and study and will slow down in making decisions .. And most of the time he loves to unite The ranks, support for stability … and perhaps it is the advantage that the American voter found in Biden’s character, as an alternative to Trump’s controversial personality, the adventurous gambling personality!

In any case, “Biden” may be more successful than previous American presidents in running the world, as he has half a century of experience in the American establishment, as a vice in the Senate and as a vice president .. and now he is the “first man” .. Perhaps he has not been tested in all of the above. Of decisions, and he may be influential, but he often does not like getting into controversial issues!

In short, the key to Biden’s personality is calm. He came to the White House once, and will not run again on his own .. He will be 82 years old by the end of the presidential term .. Kamala Harris may run as a representative of the Democratic Party, who may be very similar to Obama! .

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