Obama to Zamalek fans: Let the arrow go in order to return to the sixth star


Youssef Obama, the Zamalek playmaker, sent a message to Al-Abyad fans before the team’s match against Al-Ahly, in the African Champions League final to be held at 9 pm tomorrow, Friday, in the African Champions League final, which will be held at Cairo Stadium, through his official account on the short blogging site Twitter, saying: “If you knew the unseen, you would choose the reality. Praise be to God .. all the best for my teammates for the covenant that we pledged to achieve since the beginning of the journey and now I have confidence that has no limits in 11 fighters .. in the stadium to fulfill the dream of our great fans who are Deserves a lot and a lot .. Let the arrow shoot strongly and then return to the dead end of the long-awaited sixth star .. Say that it will not befall us except what God has written for us.

Obama's message

The most informed officials of the Confederation of African Football, “CAF”, officials Ahly And Zamalek, that in the event that the original time of the match ends with a draw between the two teams, an additional time will be used for a period of two halves, then the penalty shoot-out will be resorted to in the event that the match ends and the original time is drawn, in order to determine the champion of the current African Champions League version, where it is scheduled to The two poles meet in a historic summit between the two teams, as it will witness for the first time the establishment of the African Final between two teams from the same country.

The technical meeting of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match ended in the presence of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, Samir Adly, the administrative director, and Dr. Amr Moheb, the translator, and Wael Muhammad and Muhammad Osama, the administrators, as the meeting resulted in Al-Ahly wearing the red shirt, black shorts and red sock, while The goalkeeper wears the “Mauve” uniform, while Zamalek wears the white uniform, and the goalkeeper wears the green uniform.

During the meeting, it was confirmed when the two teams would arrive at Cairo Stadium an hour and a half before the start of the match.

Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association, who is responsible for organizing the Zamalek and Al-Ahly match in the final of the African Champions League, scheduled for 9 pm tomorrow, Friday, revealed that the defeated team in tomorrow’s match will be awarded second-place medals in the dressing room and will not be present on the podium, as a kind of precautionary measures. Because of the Corona virus.

Muhammad Fadl continued during his seminar on the seventh day: The winner from Zamalek and Al-Ahly tomorrow will be honored by being on the stage and receiving the championship cup, while it was agreed during the security meeting that the defeated team would be present in the dressing room and receive medals for second place, and this matter has been dealt with in more than Championship due to Corona virus.

Al-Ahly qualified for the final match of the African Champions League after its victory over Moroccos Wydad, where the first leg that was held between the two teams at Mohammed V Stadium in Morocco ended with Al-Ahmar winning two goals without a response, before confirming his superiority in the second leg in Cairo, and winning three goals against one goal, To cross the semi-final round with a score of 1/5 in the aggregate of the two matches.

While Zamalek qualified for the African final after its victory over Moroccan Raja, where the first leg match that was held at the Mohammed V Stadium ended with the victory of the White Knight with a goal without a response before confirming his superiority in the second leg in Cairo and winning three goals against a goal to cross the semi-final round with a score of 4/1 in total The two matches.


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