Officially … the German Federation makes its decision regarding the “Manschaft” coach


The federation confirmed in a statement that “the Presidency of the German Federation decided unanimously, during a video conference Monday, to communicate with the coach Joachim Love The difficult path to renewal that began in March 2019, ”at the conclusion of a summit meeting between senior officials and the trainer, who has been in his position since 2006.

Loew, 60, was threatened with dismissal due to the poor results he achieved with the national team during the last period.

And this November, I was exposed Germany For the worst defeat in an official match, after it was defeated by Spain by six clean goals, at the end of the group stage of the European Football League.

Germany only needed a draw to qualify for the Nations League semi-finals, but the defeat was awarded Spain Leading the group and qualifying for the last round.

After the humiliating defeat, a manager said German national team For football, Oliver Bierhoff, in response to a question about Loew’s continuation in his position, “Yes, of course. This match will not change anything. We still have confidence in Joachim Loew, no doubt about that.”


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