Olympic Committee: Mortada Mansour? It no longer exists within the club and a new president will be elected


Sherif El-Erian, Secretary General of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, confirmed that Zamalek Club President Mortada Mansour has become non-existent inside the club since the committee’s decisions issued a while ago against him.

Al-Erian said in radio statements on the Falcon Stadium program today, Monday.The Olympic Committee reviews the decisions of all federations, and those who have the rights to attend the general assemblies, all matters are reviewed, and then the attendees are determined.

وأضاف “The club president was suspended, based on investigations that were completed, and the sports federations were informed, and all of them made the decisions. We also informed the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Zamalek Club as well. “

He continued, “Any paper issued with the signature of Mortada Mansour will not be approved, and the Zamalek club is not a party at all.”Did we know of the decision of the African Union to postpone the Raja match more than once?

Al-Erian continued his statements.There was a case filed to annul the list, and what was elected on the list is considered invalid, and everything that resulted from the wrong list is considered null, but Zamalek has the right to appeal, the Zamalek Council is like any sports body, after the Olympics after 2021, a general assembly must be called before 10-31, and in the next general assembly, the vacant seats will be elected.

Regarding the question posed by Zamalek fans, “Why is it at this particular time?”“.

He continued: “Zamalek has the right to appeal the invalidity of the list, but currently with regard to the Olympic Committee, the president of the Zamalek club does not exist and does not practice any sports role with any other sports authority.”“.

Sharif Al-Erian concluded his remarks, “There is no appeal against the decision to suspend Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek has become non-existent, and the first general assembly will hold elections for the vacant seats.”


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