On Netflix, Amr Diab presents his first musical series


Hadaba Amr Diab announced that he will cooperate with the Netflix platform, and this is what made all of his fans wait for all the details of this work to be revealed, and it is considered one of the most distinctive things that he will participate in.

Al-Hadaba Amr Diab announces his cooperation with Netflix in his first musical series

Ahmed Al-Sharkawy, head of the original Arabic productions on the Netflix platform, revealed through several statements to the ET “Arabic” program that the platform’s cooperation with Diab will be through the first Arabic series on the platform.

It was confirmed through Al-Sharqawi that the volume of Al-Mansu’s investment in the Arab market is increasing, and this appeared through many works, which were announced by a series by Abla Fajita and another by artist Hend Sabry, and many are still not announced yet.

Also, Diab recently released his new song “Ahi Ahi”, in which he collaborates with the Greek singer Irene Papadopoulou, which is written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Muhammad Yahya and distributed by Mix Adel Hakki, and it was recorded between Egypt, Greece and Spain.

Foreign players participated in it, where Enrique Bermudez’s guitar flamenco, Thanos Stavridis accordion, Dimitris Labas accordion played, and it is one of the distinctive songs of the artist Amr Diab and is considered one of the most distinctive songs that many followers love to listen to all the time.


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