On the anniversary of Imad Hamdi’s birthday … Shadia asked him for a divorce after beating her at a party


Today, Wednesday, November 25, the birthday of the late artist Emad Hamdy, who was born on this day in 1909, and left our world on January 28, 1984, at the age of 75.

Imad Hamdi was born in Sohag governorate on this day in the year 1909, when his father was working as an employee there. He started his career as an employee at Abu Al-Rish Hospital until he met one of his friends who works in the technical field. Head of accounts in the studio, who was qualified by that job to become close to the makers of Egyptian art, to be included in his dealings with top stars, until after a short period he became one of the most important artists of the beautiful time, to become a great star, to be on the throne of the classics of the beautiful time and shine in the roles of the father.

Emad Hamdy married the Egyptian cinema, Shadia, although he is more than 20 years older than her, but she insisted on completing the marriage despite the rejection of her family, and amid rumors of a love affair that he had with the screen lady Faten Hamama.

In the first months of his marriage to Shadia, Imad faced a severe financial crisis, due to the legal alimony money demanded by his ex-wife, the Mu’tazila artist Fathia Sharif, and its value at that time reached a thousand pounds, and Shadia tried to help her husband, but she did not succeed in solving the crisis, and the burden began Materialism increases, quarrels broke out between the spouses, and everyone predicted their separation, but the love between Imad Hamdi and Shadia continued, until that crisis passed peacefully.

The marriage of Shadia and Emad did not last long, as differences arose between them, due to the intense jealousy of “Imad”, and the end of their relationship was when he “slapped her” in front of their friends at one of the parties. Indeed, Shadia decided to separate despite the attempts of Emad Hamdy to return to her, but the separation was in public life Only, and she continued in the cinema, and their relationship turned into a work fellowship, as they participated in several films after their separation, including “Have Mercy My Love”, “The Unknown Woman”, “Don’t Remember Me” and “The Valley of Memories”.

Imad Hamdy got to know Nadia El-Gendy for the first time in the movie “A Wife from the Street”, and she was only 15 years old, and there was a kiss in the film that she gathered with Nadia, and the scene was repeated more than 7 times because of her confusion and feeling towards him, and “Imad” was very interested in her. He delivers her and her mother every day after the end of filming, and indeed they got married, and she gave birth to “Hisham”.


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