Ould al-Ghalaba .. the story of a five-stadium worker wins a seat in Parliament in the lake


Ahmed Helmy El-Shishini or “Ould Al-Ghalaba” as he is called by the people of Kom Hamadeh district, the ninth district in Beheira. The candidate whose initial indications showed his victory and obtaining the confidence of the people of his district, despite being a simple worker in one of the five-year football stadiums, owns a small library for selling school tools and photography the documents.

The Chechen managed to obtain about 60 thousand votes, and resolved the run-off in the elections to the House of Representatives, in the lake, to be the first factor under the dome of Parliament.

The idea of ​​running

The idea of ​​running for “Ould El Ghalaba” came up two years before the door to candidacy in the House of Representatives elections was opened. “The reason for my thinking was that I see in myself, my character and my personality what makes me suitable for this place. I took 25 days to think on my own, studied all things and thought well. Then I took the impossible candidacy decision, of course, to any human mind who believes what is happening, how can a simple person work in a private stadium with a salary and have such a small office when the decision is implemented.

He added: “I took a period of mockery, frustration, and incapacity that no human being could tolerate, but I relied on and relied on God only. I insisted on my position and my words and passed all obstacles and difficulties, including even my father and mother were against my entry and my decisions, fearing for my family, my friends, and my closest people, all of whom are against.”

He added, “All my thinking and my decision was to run for the single seat at Kom Hamadeh Center, and when the Badr Center increased with us in the department, I retreated and gave myself a period of reflection, then I prayed to God Almighty and saw what made me present my candidacy papers.”

Financial difficulties

Ahmed Helmy El-Shishini mentioned the difficulties he faced when he ran, saying: “There are very many difficulties, the first of which is the insurance price, which is 10,000 pounds, and I thought that it was 3000, and I found God’s measure in the ease of spending the amount, then the difficulty of paying the medical examination of 3000 pounds, and I saw from God’s measure the ease of spending the amount.” .

He added: “I suffered and carried the concerns of every step in my journey, but God’s management of me was making me feel joy. All my intention and conscience were good, and this is my covenant with God, and thanks to my sincerity with God, I sent relatives, close friends and neighbors love that they were convinced of the step, and then the people of my country and the neighboring villages in their presence in My electoral conference is also arranged by God. ”

Parent support

Regarding his election campaign, al-Shishini stated: “Everyone started to ask: This conference was conducted by him and who he saw … etc., and rumors began to appear from the weak-minded, and then our eyes on Friday’s march after the conference appeared in a way that no one expected and made my name repeated everywhere and the truth Also, I did not spend a single pound on it and all of it with love, and this is from the grace of God.

He stressed, “I was sure that I would win the great challenge for me, which is that the honorable, respectful and negligent people of principles and dignity are much more than the weak of wicked souls. This is what has proven now and this is from the grace of God.”

He added, “Of course, I am convinced that there are people in it from every village, estate, island and city much better than me, with knowledge, status and culture, and I admit that preceded them only that I took the step and insisted on it.”

Predominance is born

He concluded: “My covenant with God, I do not violate it, whatever it is for the last soul of my life, and all my affiliation and priorities will remain the conquest, the youth and the poor whom I am amongst whom I am proud and honored by this.”

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