Pfizer provides a thermal charger using dry ice to store and preserve the Corona vaccine


Site detection CNN” News, that Pfizer will provide a thermal charger to transport, distribute and store the Pfizer Corona vaccine using dry ice.

Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer
Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer

The site said, will use Pfizer Pfizer This fund for shipping the vaccine, and requests not to participate in the US government’s plan to use an external distributor, which is McKesson , Which is a third-party distributor, which is expected to handle other Coronavirus vaccines when available.

The site added, clinics can then use the charger to store the vaccine until it is ready for dissolution, dilution and injection in the arms, as it is expected that health-care workers, primary workers, and those at risk of contracting complications from the Corona virus, such as the elderly, are among the first They receive vaccination.

Countries will run vaccination programs, from public health nurses, as well as general practitioners, doctors, and pharmacists.

Thermal charger
Thermal charger

At the Pfizer SymposiumPfizer Online with state health officials last month, the company set out its specific requirements.Once the sites receive the thermal charger filled with the vaccine, they are supposed to refill dry ice within 24 hours. If they don’t use the coronavirus vaccine within 5 days, they are supposed to return. Dry ice fill again, then again after 5 days.

Dry ice
Dry ice

Clinic staff must act quickly when removing the vaccine from the shipper, as instructed PfizerBoxes can only be opened twice a day, and each time for no more than a minute.

At any time, the vaccine can be taken out from the charger and put in the refrigerator, where it is only valid for five days, when the nurses are ready for use, dilute the vaccine, making 5 doses in one vial, those five doses should be given within 6 hours, if it passes Over 6 hours, vaccinations must be discarded.

This entire process must occur twice for each patient, with the vaccine administered in two doses three weeks apart.

Learn what dry ice looks like
Learn what dry ice looks like

The site added, health care workers have never been used to buying dry ice before, let alone when it is in short supply, as is the case in some parts of the country, dealing with dry ice can be dangerous, it may burn the skin, and in places with Poor ventilation, can produce potentially lethal fumes.

And the site stressed that there is another potential problem, that doctors and nurses overburdened with Corona virus patients and other responsibilities will face a challenge to follow directions perfectly, which takes minutes to conduct.

An unconventional way to keep pollen frozen

Heat trucks are essential for a vaccine to succeed, but it isn’t clear that they work.

I asked “CNN” a company PfizerAbout the tests they had conducted to prove that the thermostat was able to keep the vaccine at minus 75 degrees, but the company didn’t respond..

A spokesperson for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, before any vaccine is authorized: “The authority will review the vaccine stability information. This information reflects the expected distribution and storage conditions for a specific vaccine candidate, and our review is provided to ensure that the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the vaccine is not compromised before its use“.

At the CDC’s August meeting, Pfizer said Pfizer The charger can be used for 10 days, and it can be replenished with dry ice for a long time, but it didn’t remind you that it was in September, said Angela Howeung, head of Pfizer’s biomedical group.In November, the vaccine can be stored in the shipper for 15 days.

A spokesman for Pfizer said لشبكة CNN If not opened, the charger can maintain its temperature for 10 days, allowing for extended charging times, and once opened upon arrival, it can be used as a buffer for up to 15 days with dry ice replenishment, every five days..

Comments like these have caused confusion among state health officials, and besides, it is unclear where they will get the dry ice.

I told the Health and Human Services Authority HHS State governors say they will need to obtain dry ice from local suppliers, but they also acknowledge that there may be difficulty getting dry ice in some parts of the country..

The CDC says it is exploring options to solve this problem, including solutions to provide increased access to dry ice, but it has yet to specify what these solutions ultimately are..

I told a company Pfizer The states that if they cannot obtain dry ice locally, they can use the company’s dry ice suppliers, but they have provided few details about what the process will look like..

That prompted at least one state, North Dakota, to purchase its dry ice machine, an expensive offer of $ 48,000, plus another $ 40,000 for 3 months of liquid carbon dioxide, a necessary ingredient for making snow, according to George Gerhardt. In the North Dakota Department of Health.

Some states are ignoring CDC directives not to buy ultra-low temperature freezers; North Dakota, for example, spent $ 100,000 buying 13 ultra-low temperature freezers, according to Nicole Pesci, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Health..

Network requested CNN From Pfizer Inc. to address state officials’ concerns about keeping the vaccine at the right temperature, also known as the “cold chain.”“.

Stephen Danhey, a spokesman for Pfizer, said PfizerMost vaccines need cold chain storage, adding, we have already started developing innovative cold chain solutions and distribution logistics to facilitate vaccine supply. ”We have also developed packaging and storage innovations to be fit for purpose with the range of locations where we believe vaccines will occur.“.


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