Pictures and video .. Dora responds to a provocation of one of her followers because of her marriage: No extravagance


Relationships and society

Dora and Hani Saad

The Tunisian artist Dora, one of her followers on the social networking site “Facebook”, taught her a strong lesson, after he tried to provoke her because of her marriage to businessman Hani Saad.

The observer said during his comment, “the second nut,” to Dora responding to him: “Firstly, her name is the wife, not the nut. Secondly, her name is the second, not the second, and thirdly the only one, and fourthly, if you work on yourself and learn Arabic, I would benefit you from this anticipation.”

The second wife’s crisis

Hours after the wedding of the Tunisian artist Dora, which was held in the city of El Gouna, she was severely attacked, after a publication attributed to the account of her owner claims that she is the first wife of businessman Hani Saad, indicating that she is still in his custody and has not separated from him, indicating that Dora became the “second wife.”

After the publication was circulated, the Tunisian artist was criticized by many, and she was also attacked by a former Tunisian deputy called Fatima Al-Masdi, saying: “I regret writing these words to you and I will not congratulate you on your marriage, because it is a marriage that humiliates Tunisian women .. How do you accept my lady to be harmful and not Dora? How would you accept to hit the Bourguiba school that freed Tunisian women from the shackles of reactionary thought?

And through an audio recording, published by the Tunisian Radio Mosaic, the artist Dora broke her silence, even though her marriage ceremony was not passed by 24 hours, explaining that her husband Hani Saad, separated from his first wife: “Thank you the people who are Farouly, Hanouni and Barcoli, my companions from Tunisia and you I hope all people will be present, but Coronas circumstances prevented. ”

The Tunisian artist continued: “I wanted to confirm that I am linked to a divorced man, who chose to complete his life with me, and to thank the people who blessed us with rumors, or to those who fish in troubled waters, may God guide them. He chooses it. ”

Dora added: “I chose a man who loves me and loves him, and marriage is the natural legitimate path that God has guided to when we love each other, and your day is good, oh Lord, and I hope people stop talking to me, and our Lord will keep Tunisia well.”


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