Presentation today .. 1700 new jobs in the tax authority .. specializations and full conditions


Announced Egyptian Tax Authority On its need to contract with the number of 1700 tax officers (Inspection Tax Officer – Survey Tax Officer) at the level of the governorates of the Republic, by Announcement No. (1) for the year 2020.
Extensive Statement tax authority That it is required to apply for this announcement the following: That the applicant possesses Egyptian nationality, and be medically fitAnd to be a permanent resident of the governorate to which he is applying, and to be confirmed as a residence for him with the national number card on the date of this announcement, and to have obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Division) with a general grade of at least very good, and the applicant’s age should not be more than 27 On the date of this announcement, in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of Law No. 85 of 2020, and without prejudice to the provisions of Article 14 of the Civil Service Law promulgated by Law No. 81 of 2016.

The tax authority statement clarified the documents required to apply, which is to complete the employment application data available on the official website of the Ministry of FinanceFor those who meet the conditions of application only, uploading a copy of the academic qualification obtained by the applicant, and also uploading a copy of the automated birth certificate, uploading a copy of the national number card, to be valid on the date of this announcement, and uploading a copy of a certificate showing the position on recruitment to perform the service On the website, for male applicants, uploading a copy of the criminal status newspaper, provided it is recent and issued in the name of the Ministry of Finance, and finally uploading a personal photo of the applicant on the website.

The statement indicated that, to be nominated for contracting, applicants who meet the requirements for submission to the evaluation tests must pass the evaluation tests, which will be conducted electronically, by at least 75% in the fields of (accounting in general, with a focus on tax accounting – tax laws – computer – basic personal skills – English language). A personal interview will be held with applicants who have passed electronic exams only, and the originals of previous documents, and other legally prescribed documents, in addition to a medical examination, will be held for applicants nominated for contracting and the advertisement is submitted on the following link This will start from November 22, 2020, for a month.

The tax authority statement reviewed the content of the assessment tests, as the test contains a number of questions covering the following areas: tax accounting (tax on entry of natural persons / tax on profits of legal persons / tax on value added), basics of financial accounting, auditing principles, and relevant tax legal information Relevant laws:

Income tax / value added tax / stamp tax / development fee for the state’s financial resources, as well as on international agreements related to taxes, the scope of their application and the impact of technological development on the tax field. The test also includes a number of questions that cover computer skills and basics / basic principles of dealing With all of Internet Applications – Windows – Word .Excel – PowerPoint as well as general information, logical thinking ability, basic skills (time management / negotiation / meeting management) and basic management information (management / control / strategic planning functions), in addition to the skills of using vocabulary of language English in dealing with others in the work environment.

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