Radwa El-Sherbiny reveals the truth about her secret marriage to Mona El-Shazly’s husband. Video


Informative revealed Radwa El-Sherbiny The fact that she secretly married the master.Samir YoussefCEO of the Channels Group CBCAnd media husbandMona El ShazlyThrough a live broadcast, she shared it through her personal account on the most popular social networking site Facebook, To deny the news of her marriage, confirming that what was circulated about her marriage is not true and is nothing but malicious rumors intended to distort her name in the media.

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Radwa El-Sherbiny denies her marriage in secret

El-Sherbiny announced during the video that everything that was reported about her relationship and her secret marriage is incorrect, indicating that when the marriage is decided, it will be in public and in front of the assembly, where she said: “I am not related, and when all the people in Egypt are related, you will know, not Egypt, but this is the entire Arab world. Because I am not the one who does something in secret, according to what some media sites have reported. ”

وفتعت Radwa: “The passport is not forbidden and not a shame, but I am now not connected at all, because I say this is because in a person who is not respectful, a rumor has come out to me that is not respectful .. If you do not like me, what you want has come out, you will not speak, but other people are not with me, why harm an entire family and man There are no respected people who have sinned. These are really my sisters. ”

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She concluded her speech, saying: “In six you accept that she marries a married man, but I do not accept that, no matter what happens, all people know who Radwa El-Sherbini is, and if I am a supporter of the woman and I say to every six I keep away from every married man, then I will not be the first to break the heart of six Like me .. I am not connected to my daughters and my father, and to see my work and the problems of women, and whom we can solve with his bees, and when I get married, I will announce to the whole world. ”

The rumor of marriage haunts Radwa El-Sherbiny again

In a related context, El-Sherbiny indicated that she did not address such rumors that have always been haunted since entering the media, apart from one rumor, when it related to the name of a Moroccan citizen, which necessitated me to respond and deny the rumor, followed by the current rumor, it does not concern me alone, but rather it affected people Others I love and consider them as my family and have all the respect and appreciation for them, and they are not guilty of spreading an absurd and unfounded rumor.

Radwa El-Sherbiny’s secret marriage raises her audience’s confusion

In the last few hours, news had leaked about the secret marriage of Radwa El-Sherbiny to the husband of the media, Mona El-Shazly, Mr. “Samir Youssef,” CEO of CBC Group.

Pointing out that El-Sherbiny will announce the matter soon, which sparked widespread controversy and a great shock among her followers and fans who are pioneers of social media, especially since she is one of the first figures who advocate for women’s rights and sympathizes with her, and is always known and famous for rejecting the idea of ​​the second wife, and her actions cannot be contradicted by Her statements that humiliating reality to her and her media history.

Who is Radwa El-Sherbiny?

Radwa El-Sherbiny, an Egyptian journalist, was born on September 30, 1981, and was related to her late father, according to her saying, and she considers that the most important man in the life of any girl is her father. She presented some television programs, including a program dedicated to cars on Al-Mehwar channel, a technical program on Al-Hayat channel, and the program ” I am Egypt “on Egyptian TV, in addition to her work in the Arab TV network in the news program” Propaganda TV “.

However, she gained wide fame by presenting her famous and successful program “He WBS”, which has been shown on the CBC channel Sufra, since 2017, due to which some people praise her and see her as a model for strong liberal women, while others always criticize her and launch defamation campaigns against her. That affected girls who decided to challenge the negative aspects of society, “as they described it as an enemy of men.

Radwa got married and gave birth to two daughters and then separated from her husband, and she mentioned that she did not want to enter into a new relationship to devote her life to her two children, and she also mentioned that she had problems during pregnancy, which caused her weight to change, and she had to leave work as a broadcaster and work in an oil company, but after several years she returned to present Programs due to her dissatisfaction with herself at the time and her desire for change.

And she made a decision to lose weight and follow a healthy diet, and she continued to go to the gyms until she managed to lose more than 30 kilograms.


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