Rawi Joudeh accepts the challenge of “I know what happened” from the families of Yassin … and passes it on to a number of stars


The star, Arwa Joudeh, accepted the challenge presented by the star Asir Yassin, in which a number of stars participated. In completing the challenge in a short time, she commented: “Easy, families,” and addressed the challenge to a number of artists, headed by artist Hisham Majed, artist Amy Samir Ghanem, author Tamer Habib and Syrian artist Jumana Murad, in addition to a number of her friends.

Quench quality
Quench quality

The star, Asir Yassin, invited Ahmed El Sakka, Arwa Judeh, Karim Fahmy, Ahmed Hatem, Tamim Younis and Robi to a new challenge of its kind, which was saying a set of complex and related words in less than 11 seconds, as Aser managed to finish the challenge in just 11 seconds..

The singer Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, to whom the artist Karim Fahmy was directed, also participated in the challenge, where he published a video clip of him saying words quickly within certain seconds without interference or error in pronunciation, who decided to challenge a number of artists and celebrities. They were headed by the artist here Zahid, the artist Amr Wahba, the artist Hoda Al-Mufti, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, the artist Ahmed Zahir, in addition to his wife Randa Riad.

The artist Aws Aws also participated and challenged three artists, Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Salah Abdullah, and Suleiman Eid, as he appeared during the video he recently published, in which he accepted the challenge of the artist Majed Al-Masry.


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