Remembrance after dawn prayers to meet the needs and pay off debts .. 27 prayers to end all your worries


– I ask forgiveness of God, I ask forgiveness of God, I ask forgiveness of God.

  • Oh God, you are peace, and from you, you are blessed, O Most High and honorable.

  • There is no god but God alone, he has no partner, for Him is the Kingdom and to Him is praise, and He is almighty over everything.

  • There is no god but God, and He alone has no partner, to Him is the King and to Him is praise, and He is over all things, there is no strength and there is no power but with God, there is no god but God, and there is no god but God, and there is no god but God. God is sincere to Him, even if the unbelievers hate it.

  • Glory be to God, praise be to God, and God is greater.

  • There is no god but God, and He alone has no partner, He is the Kingdom and Him is praise, He gives life and dies, and He is almighty over everything (ten times after Maghrib and the morning).

  • O God, I ask you of beneficial knowledge, good sustenance, and acceptable work. After the greeting of the Fajr prayer.

  • O God spare me from hell. After the morning and sunset prayers.

  • اللَّهُمَّععنِي عَلَى ذِكْرِكَ وَشُكْرِكَ وَحُسْنِ عِبَادَتِكَ.

1. Glory be to God, the number of what is given, the number of what is given, the number of what is given and the number of things that come out of the earth, and the number of things that descend from heaven.

2. Oh God, make my face to the left, and do not give my face to the left, so I will seek provision for your livelihood, and I will sympathize with the spark of your creation.

3. O generous, O God, who has broad mercy, who is familiar with secrets, consciences, obsessions and thoughts, I ask you a flood of a flood please, and a fist of the light of your authority, in your hand all the matter, and the rulings of everything, so grant us what our eyes acknowledge, for you are so generous, very generous, At your door they stand, and your well-known wide presence awaits, O generous, merciful.

4. Oh God, grant me a broad, lawful, and decent livelihood, and answer my prayers without a response, and I seek refuge in You from the two scandals. Poverty and religion.

5. Oh God, reveal every affliction from me, O knower of every secret, you who dispense every calamity, help me, I invite you to pray for the one with whom you have become hardened, poor, and weakened in strength, and I said his trick, the supplication of the compulsive drowning, O God, have mercy on me and help me, and kindness to me, and you comfort me with your relief, God is your refuge.

6. Oh God, I beseech you in your one name, the steadfast individual, and in your great name, let me go away from what I went through, and became in it, so that my sins and my delusions do not dwell on the dust of fear other than you, and the effect of hope will not distract me from anyone but you. And worries, and the relief of great anguish, and whoever wants something, say to him: Be and it is.

7. My Lord, my Lord, surrounded me with sins and sins, so I could not find mercy and care from anyone else, so he provided me with them.

8. Praise be to God who forgets to mention him, praise be to God who does not disappoint his hope, praise be to God who trusts him is sufficient, praise be to God who who trusted him did not entrust him to anyone else, praise be to God who is our confidence when our suspicions of our deeds worsen, praise be to God who is our hope when We are cut off by tricks and rope.

9. Praise be to God who humbled everything to his greatness, praise be to God who surrendered everything to his power, praise be to God who subdued everything to his glory, praise be to God who submitted everything to his possession.

10. Oh God, I ask You for guidance, piety, chastity and wealth, Lord make me one of your faithful servants, and my parents, Muslims and Muslim women, my Lord forgive us, have mercy on us, guide us, compel us, heal us, and provide for us, and enrich us in religion, the world and the hereafter, I and everyone who said, O God, Amen, O Lord of the worlds.

11. Oh God, clove me what cares about me, and what I do not care about, God provided me with piety, forgive me my sin, and guide me to good wherever I go, God pleased me to the left, and spared me hardship. I reckon, and forgive me my sins, and your hope has been established in my heart, and cut off from those but you, so that I do not hope for anyone but you, you who are satisfied with all of his creation, and none of his creation is satisfied with him, O one, whoever does not have hope is cut off except from you.

12. O God, forgive us the sins that violate the impurity, God forgive us the sins that inflict revenge, O God forgive us the sins that change blessings, God forgive us the sins that confine supplication, God forgive us the sins that inflict calamity, God forgive us all the sins that I sin, and every sin I sin .

13. Oh God, we ask you a question of those whose poverty has been exaggerated and sent down to you during adversity, and magnified his desire in what you have. Oh God, magnify your authority and exalted your place, and your affairs have appeared, and your oppression is prevalent, and it is not possible to flee from your judgment. .

14. God is sufficient for us to receive from His bounty We wish to God. Oh God, bless me with good, as Jacob preached to Joseph, and preached to me with joy, as Zakaria preached to Yahya.

15. O God, I ask you who is not confused by issues, you who are not distracted by hearing, O who does not conceal by the urgency of the insistent, O God, I seek refuge in You from the effort of calamity and the perception of misery, bad judgment, and gloating by enemies, O God, reveal all hardship, distress and distress to me and all Muslims Oh God, I ask you for a relief soon, and stop me from what I can endure, and what I cannot stand, O God, release from me and all Muslims all worry and distress, and keep me and the Muslims out of all distress and sadness.

16. Oh God, do not deprive us of the breadth of your mercy, the reverence of your grace, the inclusion of your well-being, and your generosity. O God, I ask you in my prayers and supplications for a blessing with which you purify my heart, reveal my anguish with it, forgive my sin with it and fix my affairs with it, and enrich my poverty with it, and remove my evil with it, and expose my pain and my sorrow, and heal my sickness with it, and spend my religion, and with it my sorrow is gathered, and with it my soul is gathered together , And bleached my face out.

17. Oh God, grant me satisfaction and peace of mind, O God, do not break me at noon, do not make it difficult for me, or do something great for me, O God, do not bend my stature and do not reveal a cover for me.

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