Result | Juventus and Frenkvarrozi match today in the Champions League


Juventus will receive its counterpart Frenkvarozzi at the Turin Stadium this evening, Tuesday, November 24, as part of the completion of the group stage competitions in the fourth round of the European Football League.

Juventus’ mission seems easy when it meets Frenkvarozzi, and it will be a strong candidate to win and get the three points, as Juventus is second in Group G with 6 points, three points behind leaders Barcelona, ​​and Ronaldos colleagues are looking to beat their guest and book the second eligible card. For the round of sixteen of the Champions League.

The level of Juventus witnessed a slow start to the new season, under the leadership of its new coach Andrea Pirlo, who took over the position of technical management of the Italian team, and Juventus was facing difficulty in achieving victory, and tied more than once in many matches in the domestic league, but there were reasons for that, including the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo left the team for two weeks due to Corona, but after his return Juventus succeeded in achieving a 2-0 victory over Cagliari, and scored a double in the last match, and the presence of the Portuguese gives the team more strength and positive energy to play and win over opponents.

In terms of Frenkavori, the Hungarian team offers more than wonderful performance in the domestic league, as it tops the Hungarian league table and has not lost in 9 matches played so far, but in the Champions League its situation is completely different, as it lost twice at the hands of Juventus and Barcelona, ​​tied with Dynamo Kiev is in the last round, so he must fight if he wants to stay in the competition to snatch the qualification card, but his hopes of doing so appear weak.

It was the only official match between Juventus and Frenkvarozzi in the history of the two teams, last month in the Champions League, and the Bianconeri managed to win 4-1.

Juventus squad: Chesney – Alex Sandro – Daniilo – De Licht – Quadrado – Bernardeschi – Arthur – Bentancur – McKinney – Dybala – Ronaldo.

The Frenkvarrozi assortment: Denis Debus – Jirgo Lovrenexx – Miha Blazic – Lasha Dvalli – Andrei Butka – Marcel Hester – Ihor Kharaten – David Seger – Ezel da Silva Barbosa – Mirto Ozoni – Frank Poli

The result of the match between Juventus and Frenkvarrozi

Juventus won a precious 2-0 victory over Hungary’s Frenkvarrozi, in the fourth round of the Champions League.

The Hungarian team scored the first goal in the 19th minute through Mirto Ozoni, before Cristiano Ronaldo realized the equalizing goal in the 35th minute, and Morata snatched the second winning goal for Juve in the 92nd minute.

Juventus qualified for the round of 16, raising its tally to 9 points, while Barcelona leads the group with 12 points, to qualify with the old lady’s team, while Dynamo Kiev and Frenkvarozy came in third and fourth place, each with one point.


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