Saeed Hariri to Lamis Al-Hadidi: The decision to convict Nancy Ajram’s husband of premeditated murder is not final


Lebanese journalist Saeed Hariri confirmed that the decision to convict Nancy Ajram’s husband with the felony of murder is based on Article 547 in addition to Article 228 of the Penal Code, and her sentence ranges between 15 and 20 years, according to the Lebanese judiciary, and it is not a final decision but an implicit decision, through a telephone intervention In the program “A Final Word” with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, and Hariri added that the meaning of the decision is that the case should be returned to the Criminal Court for further investigation and the final ruling was issued within a period of two to three years. There is no travel ban or any ban on Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, pointing out that Free, free until the final ruling is issued.

The Lebanese journalist added during the intervention that Nancy Ajram has not issued any reaction regarding the ruling so far, whether it is press statements or on social media. .

The first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, issued his court order against Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram, in the murder of the Syrian Muhammad Al-Mousa, which has passed for several months by convicting Nancy Ajram’s husband of the felony of murder based on Article 547 added to Article 228 Of the penal code, and its punishment ranges between 15 and 20 years, and the case file was referred to the criminal court.

Article 547 states: “Whoever willfully kills a person shall be punished with hard labor from fifteen to twenty years.“.

The Appellate General Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, was charged with the premeditated murder of Doctor Fadi Al-Hashem, according to Article 547, whose punishment ranges from 15 to 20 years, but she added it to Article 229 of the Lebanese Penal Code that gives mitigating reasons until he is exempt from punishment If it is proven that he was killed in self-defense.

It is noteworthy that the prosecution is added to Article 229 that drops the charge due to legitimate self-defense, which states: “The perpetrator shall not be punished for an act imposed by necessity until he defends it on himself or on behalf of others or on behalf of his property or other property an imminent physical danger that he did not cause Intentionally the condition that the action is proportional to the danger

Fadi Al-Hashem became the name that was the most popular on the pages of social networking sites, not only because he was the husband of one of the most famous artists in the Arab world, Nancy Ajram, but because his name was linked to a case that became the most exciting and mysterious in the past period, as Fadi was charged with the premeditated murder of the Syrian youth Muhammad Al-Mousa, who broke into Fadi’s house long ago .

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