Sami El Shishiny: Al-Ahly’s name is more fearful than Zamalek … and white is coveted for clubs … Video


Sami El Shishiny, the former general coach of Zamalek club and now the technical director of the Aswan team, confirmed that the name of the Al-Ahly club has a stronger fear and influence on the teams than the Zamalek club. Frankly, the name of Al-Ahly is fearful, and most of the league teams retreat in front of Al-Ahly and reduce their offensive capabilities, but Zamalek is coveted for the teams and they play an open gym, so we find that Zamalek tied with Masr Club and lost from Aswan.

Al-Shishini added, “Let’s talk honestly, the name of Al-Ahly is more afraid than Zamalek, this is a fact, but this season Zamalek is heavier, but throughout history the name of Al-Ahly is fearful. And the current generation has the ability to play under pressure, so it won more than one championship, evidenced by the fact that it trailed in front of Esperance with a goal of one by three, as well as against Raja, but Al-Ahly this season did not present this matter.

The former Zamalek star continued speaking about the difference between Pacheco and Carteron, “Pacheco completes what Carteron presented, and did not add, the same team that is currently playing is the same team that was with Carteron, but on the contrary, the most difficult was during the Carteron period because he was building a team from The first and the new, we built a team and put it on the road. We took over at a very difficult time after the departure of Micho, and Zamalek was in crisis in Africa after losing from Mazembe. We played and we did not beat us 5 matches. There were pessimistic expectations for February, but we overcame all expectations. We worked in the most difficult period in history. Zamalek, even if Pacheco is love to change, he will not find time to modify anything, as he will continue his French career.


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