Schubert confirms that Al-Ahly welcomes the departure of Saleh Jumaa … and Nedved is off the list


The media, Ahmed Schubert, confirmed that Al-Ahly management welcomes the idea of ​​selling or loaning Saleh Jumaa, the team’s player, as soon as a suitable offer arrives, explaining that the red genie will return Saad Samir and Mohamed Mahmoud to his local list and exclude Karim Nedved.

Schubert said on his radio program via On Sport FM, “Al-Ahly’s negotiations are still in full swing with Sun Downs to join Serenio, and the financial negotiations between Al-Ahly and Tigris to include Ahmed Beckham are close to success,”

Schubert added, “Al-Ahly is not considering contracting with a goalkeeper who is satisfied with the presence of El-Shennawy, Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert. Rather, Al-Ahly welcomes the sale or loan of Saleh Jumaa, so if a suitable offer arrives, Al-Ahly management will not object to agreeing to the departure of Saleh Jumah

And Schubert continued, “Al-Ahly will re-enroll Saad Samir and Mohamed Mahmoud to his local list after their near recovery, while Karim Nedved will be excluded from the list until the vision is clear about his fate, and Mohamed Mahmoud and Nedved are very grateful to the Al-Ahly administration, which is spending their dues naturally despite the long period of their distance from the stadiums.”

And Schubert continued, “The video circulating of Amr Al-Soulia revealed that his agent is old and was intended to be a professional in Lazio, Italy, and it is said that the player is waiting for a Gulf show at the present time.”.

On Zamalek, Schubert said, “I was very pleased with the escalation of Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, the young goalkeeper of the first team, which is a very promising material, and I assure that there is no prejudice to the Zamalek board of directors at the present time, at least for the end of the African Champions League.”“.

The planning committee for the ball in Al-Ahly club is looking into the offers that he received Saleh Jumaa Team player from several local clubs during the recent period, including a presentation from the newly promoted National Bank Club for the Premier League for the first time in its history, and Mohamed Youssef, the former technical director of Al-Ahly and current Al-Ahly Bank, spoke with Red Castle officials to include Saleh Jumaa, and club officials referred the show to the technical staff of the team Led by Pitso Musimane.

On the other hand, the planning committee for the ball in Al-Ahly, headed by Mohsen Saleh, welcomed the departure of Saleh Jumaa this summer, and the committee believes that Saleh is not useful to the team and did not take advantage of the opportunities that were available to him throughout the past period, so it is better for him to leave and the club officials are currently discussing with Musimane On the player’s future and the position of the offers that recently arrived to the club to join Saleh, whether from the National Bank or from any other club.


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