Schubert reveals the scenes of his dialogue with Muhammad Al-Shennawi about Abu Qir’s goal for fertilizers


Media journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the scenes of his interview with Mohamed El-Shenawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, about the goal that housed his net in the Abu Qir Fertilizer match in the Egypt Cup, which ended with the Red Genie winning two goals to one goal. Schubert said on his radio program via On Sport FM: “I was blaming El-Shenawy after Abu Qir’s goal for Al-Iskada, I used to tell myself how this goal entered Al-Shennawi’s goal, until I met him in training and asked him to respond to me, saying, You saw me, Captain, before the match, and I was hot.

And Schubert continued: “I told him your clothes were filled with mud, so he said,” Captain of the ball, I got into the man of Rami Rabia and changed its direction, and I believed him because Al-Shinawi is of his nature always holds himself responsible for any goal that enters his goal and does not exempt himself from responsibility. Whatever need, the ball has changed its direction. ”

Schubert continued: “Between the two halves, Mustapha Schubert was Hensel and asked him to warm it up. When the goal came, they said,” Al-Shinawi will complete, and he will complete. ”

The football team of Al-Ahly club concludes its preparations today evening, Thursday, for the Zamalek match scheduled for the ninth evening tomorrow, Friday, at Cairo Stadium in the African Champions League final, and Al-Ahly is training today at Cairo Stadium after training over the past days at its stadium Paltech, rejecting the idea of ​​running the training session at Al-Salam Stadium South African coach Pitso Musimani, Al-Ahly coach, will hold a lecture with his players at Maran today, during which he talks about many technical matters related to the upcoming event.

Musimani will also apply some schematic sentences in training in preparation for their implementation in the upcoming meeting tomorrow, and Musimani also explains the match and the picking up of strength and weakness after the South African technical director studied Zamalek during the last period and witnessed him more than one local and African match, after which he stopped on several important matters related to the competitor. .

The FSA imposed a strict secrecy about the team’s training over the past days. Musimani also requested the continuation of the same secrecy in today’s training, in order to preserve the training secrecy and the secret technical staff’s plans.


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