Scientists are struggling to save the “living fossil” … a rare fish that has been extinct for years


A number of scientists are struggling to save a fish that they previously thought had gone extinct years ago, but the discovery of a new group of its rare species dating back more than 65 million years has made scientists struggle to preserve it and prevent it from extinction..

The rare fish was discovered a short time ago, specifically in 1956 by a student specializing in biology, as it remained on the brink of extinction for decades, according to Sputnik.

The fish lives in the San Francisco River in Italy, and it is called “Aspret”“(Rough)It is a nocturnal fish that lives among rocks, and scientists estimate that it faces a serious challenge while surviving under current conditions.

The rare fish
The rare fish

For his part, biologist Nikolai Crasion said: “After many years of trying to save it, people were telling us that this species became extinct … but we were sure that it still exists.”“, AndOfficial estimates indicated that the fish is currently present in the Valsan River for a distance of approximately 1 km, with a ratio of between 10 to 15 fish only, While the fish lived at about 100 fish per kilometer when it was discovered decades ago, it has recently disappeared and has not been noticed for years.

the fish
the fish

But Andre Togur, a biologist, was shocked recently when he found 12 fish, clustered in a small area, when he was engaged in fishing in the river. He said in a special statement to the “BBC”: “The presence of the fish before our eyes was a wonderful thing … It is one of the biggest rewards that a field biologist can get.”“.

The rare fish is called a living fossil because it has survived without changing its shape for millions of years, but only six decades of human activity were enough to severely affect its habitat and life..


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