Shahira bursts into surprise and decides to star again and awaits scenarios


Shahira revealed during her meeting with one of the people program presented by the media, Amr El-Leithy and broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, that she wishes to return to acting again because she loves acting and loves her talent, and during the past days she was offered work, as it was presented to her in the past periods, especially during the artist’s illness Mahmoud Yassin, but she was apologizing, and that she is ready to return to acting, but not in light of the Corona virus.

Shahira added, “Mahmoud Yassin was the first screen boy, and he used to be called a period of” Mahmoud Yassin “and at that time he presented several films a year. Very shy and could not nominate his wife.

Mahmoud Yassin passed away during the past weeks at the age of 79, after a long struggle with illness. Mahmoud Fouad Mahmoud Yassin was born in Port Said in 1941 and became attached to the theater since he was in middle school through the (Theater Club) in Port Said. One day he stands on the stage of the National Theater. He moved to Cairo to attend university and graduated from the Faculty of Law.

He fulfilled his dream of joining the National Theater, which he and other theaters performed dozens of distinguished works such as (Layla and Majnun), (Khedive), (Happened in October), (The Return of the Absentee), (The Visit Ended), (Beginning and End) and (Al-Bahrawan), and from His cinematic works “We do not plant thorns, Al-Batiniya, a nose and three eyes” and participated in military films such as “The Great Loyalty” “And the bullet is still in my pocket.”

On television, he presented dozens of series, including “Al-Dawama”, “Tomorrow Flowers Bloom,” “A Husband’s Memoirs,” “The Second Meeting,” “Brother of the Girls,” “Al-Yaqin”, “Disobedience”, (Souk Al-Asr), “Waad and Not Written.” Against the Current, East Winds, and Abu Hanifa al-Numan.


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