Shahira: Najla Fathy did not attend the funeral of Mahmoud Yassin … and I prevented her from having a rumor


Shahira said about a rumor that Najla Fathi prevented her from attending the funeral of the late Mahmoud Yassin: “I was very surprised at this rumor, how can I prevent it when she originally did not attend. My son and I contacted us on the phone and presented the duty of condolence and Najla Fathi, my love, and we have a relative relationship, and this matter made me amazed From social media that spread rumors for additional comments or earn cash.

Shahira added during her interview with the journalist Dr. Amr El-Leithy on his program, One of the People on Al-Hayat Channel, that among the ridiculous rumors is also the rumor of her divorce from Mahmoud Yassin, and this matter never happened, but she realized the reason behind this rumor, as in one of the meetings she mentioned the word divorce on An example was taken, and a misunderstanding occurred, but they were no matter how different they were, and they were not asked to divorce.

And the artist Shahira continued: “I believe in magic. I have been exposed to an illness and have stayed for many years. I cannot put makeup on my face. I have gone to many doctors in Egypt and Paris, but they agreed that I have no disease.” I think that was magic, but I cannot be certain. Most of those around me have confirmed to me. It was magic and they mentioned to me the person who used to do this in order to stop art.

About her decision to retire, she said, when I showed Mahmoud the decision to retire from art, he was surprised because I was at the top of my mind and I was presenting in theater and cinema and preparing for the second part of the series Creature Name A Woman, but he did not object to my decision and he drew to my attention that this decision meant that I would stop acting forever, as he knew My love for acting.


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