Shawky Gharib talks about his advice to “Salah Mohsen”.


Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the Olympic national team, praised Mohamed Merhi’s performance in their friendly match against his Korean counterpart, describing his performance as upscale.

Gharib added, in statements to Ontime Sport: “One of the positive things during the match was the performance of Mohamed Sobhi, the goalkeeper, who had not participated for a year, and appeared positively, and he and the rest of the players maintained their level.”

“I spoke with Salakh Mohsen and told him that I am happy to create chances and reach the opponent’s goal, and he is the one who creates opportunities, but he needs to focus and the final touch needs more work to be a scorer,” the Olympic coach added.

And he went on: “Karim, an Iraqi, was assigned offensive duties against Korea and joked with him about the opportunity that he wasted with his head when he answered me that he wasted it because the lights were far away. I asked him what if I had scored it. Would you say the lights? .. Karim is a good player who travels long distances on the field.”

The coach of the Olympic national team concluded his remarks by noting that Hossam Al-Badri had not asked him to include any player: “We are under the order of the first team. He has priority. He is now playing official matches and represents the name of Egypt.”


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