She appeared naked in a movie and married a Christian while she was a Muslim .. What you did not know about Nahed Sharif


Who among us does not know the actress Nahed al-Sharif, as she is a famous actress and made many films, during which her artistic talent has emerged, and in the following lines we will reveal to you secrets that you did not know before about the seduction artist, Nahed al-Sharif.

Her real name is Samiha Zaki Al-Nayal, and she was born on the first of January 1942 in the governorate of Alexandria. Director Hussein Helmy Al-Muhandis discovered her, presented her in several films, and later married her in 1962.

I was known as the actress of seduction because of the films she presented in which she appeared in obscene situations and scandalous clothes, and it came to her appearing naked in one of these films, with which the artist participated, Izzat Al-Alayli.

Nahed Al-Sharif justified at a time when she appeared naked that her sister was very ill and had no money to treat her, so she agreed to this disruptive role to bring money and treat her sister.

This movie was filmed in Kuwait, banned from showing in Egypt, and was classified as a pornographic film not suitable for viewing.

Nahed al-Sharif was criticized by the newspapers and the media with the ugliest words and accusations, so she tried to stay away from acting, and then returned some comedy films again in an attempt to improve her image, after she confirmed her deep remorse for making this film.

After her divorce from her first husband, she felt affection for him, Kamal El-Shenawy, and went to him and said: “Why is the man always the one who presents to the six .. Why the six do not apply to the man? So he said to her: This is a tribute to the six, and she said to him: Ok, I want to break this rule, and I am asking for your marriage. Al-Shinawi agreed, although he is married, but on the condition that the marriage between them remains a secret, and they remained married for 6 years after which the separation was completed.

Doctors discovered her cancer, but she faced him fiercely and did not find anyone to turn to except Kamal Al-Shennawi, and when he learned of the truth about her illness, he broke into the office of Prime Minister Fouad Mohieldin, and told him: “Nahid Sharif is dying and we want to leave her for treatment at the expense of the state.

Later, in Lebanon, Nahid Sharif met the owner of the nightclub, Edward Gerjian, the owner of the “Blue Up” club, and the brother of Kegam, the famous Lebanese dancer, and he asked her to get married.

Despite the warning of those around her about him, because he is a gambler, and contrary to her Islamic religion, he is Christian, but she married him, and both of them remained faithful to his religion, and she bore him her only child, “Patricia”, whose name became “Lina”.

When her illness worsened, her husband, Edward, abandoned her and took all her money, so she divorced from him by a miracle, then returned to Egypt and stayed in the Armed Forces Hospital in Maadi for a few days, to leave after our world on April 7, 1981, at the age of 39 years


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