She holds a high school diploma and has been married 3 times. The stories of Ola Ghanem in A.S.


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Today, Thursday, November 26th, is the birthday of the artist, Ola Ghanem, who was born in 1971.
Here we provide you with the most important information and stories about the artist Ola Ghanem:

– “Ola” in the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program said that she is not a graduate of a fine arts college or a theater arts institute, but rather holds a high school diploma, confirming that she remained 3 years in fine arts and did not complete her studies.
– Among her most prominent television works: “Places in the Heart, Quloub, Cream and Honey, Times of Roses, Crown Prince, Talk of Bucharest, Good Mood, Second Wife, Fourth Wife, Ibn Mut, Abdul Aziz Street, Shame, Al Hara, Places in the Heart, Hadith Morning and evening, the face of the moon, Zizinia, the bridge of danger, the mulberry leaf, the father of the girls, the blood chain, the seven girls, the shadow of the president.
– There are 17 films in its cinematic balance, the most prominent of which are: “Attorney for Khula, Sleepless Nights, Said Klakit, Princesses, Ahsas, the Academy, The Pigeon Hunter, without censorship, the country has a government, feminine moments, the monsters that occurred from you, a difficult task, all the descriptions, Karim’s harem, disconnected lawyer, staying up late nights, wandering off, the end of the world, the hotel. ”

– She married 3 times, the first to Walid al-Dafrawi at the age of 17 years, and she gave birth to her two daughters, “Camelia, Farida”, and married for the second time to Ahmed Al-Muslimi, and got married for the third time to businessman Abdul Aziz Labib.
– Ola Ghanem said, on the program “100 Questions” on the “Al-Hayat” channel, that she was beaten by her second husband in front of her children, which made her leave him, confirming, “I endured a lot, because I did not want to fail quickly, especially since the problems started with the first month But in the other, I failed. “
– She said that the decision to divorce her from her first husband did not come from a single situation, but rather from a group of situations: “I endured him for 7 months without being comfortable with them, and I was afraid for everything.”
– About her second husband’s betrayal of her with another woman in her bedroom, “Ola” said on the “100 Questions” program: “I did not feel that my husband was mine, I felt very alienated with him, and when I saw him with another woman, I found that it is normal for that to happen. The result of his actions and the composition of his personality. “
– On the program “100 Questions”, Ola said: “I was beaten by my father 3 times … the first: I stole my father’s car when I was in my sixth year of schooling, the second: He cured me by drinking cigarettes, the third I was standing with my friend in a place and stood up for me.”
– She said: “The thing that bothered me the most since my beginning in acting .. I was in a program and the broadcaster Moufid Fawzi spoke to me in classical Arabic, because I did not practice the Arabic language, so I understood the word that he said to me, and I felt that someone condemned me to my backs, and I did not mind my mind.”
– Ola revealed, with a “comprehensive examination” program, that she had a tumor in her abdomen in 2014, and she removed it through a surgical operation and the examination turned out to be “benign”.
– Ghanem continued: “Cancer is hereditary in some members of my family..My father has a heart condition, and my uncle passed away because of it, and two or three of my uncles also have a heart.”
– Ola explained, in the “Me and Honey” program, that the artist Ghada Adel is one of the most beautiful artists in the artistic community, and she liked the artist Raghda when she was young, and the artist Nadia Lotfi and the artist Souad Hosni, adding that she liked the singer Elissa and Sherine Abdel Wahab.


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