She was given martyrdom … She reveals her words in front of Mahmoud Yassin’s coffin and the reason for her collapse


Shahira said that despite our rehabilitation before the death of Mahmoud Yassin, due to the weakness of the devices, and there were many introductions that confirm that his condition is dangerous, but when he died it was a big surprise and the news was like a thunderbolt, and Rania, our daughter, tried to underestimate what happened, and about her collapse during the descent of the late’s coffin Mahmoud Yassin to the grave said that she collapsed because they lowered the coffin without informing me or waiting for me to leave it.


The artist added during her meeting with one of the people’s program with the media, Amr Al-Leithi, which is broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, when the coffin of the late Mahmoud Yassin was in the ambulance, I was with him and I talked to him a lot and I gave him the testimony and said to him, “Oh Mahmoud, I am sure that you will be happy. They will ask you 3 questions, and you will know and answer them, and you will not worry about us, we will be fine. ”I spoke to him as if he was sitting in front of me and I am still doing that until now.

And the artist Shahira continued: There are many who saw beautiful visions of him after his death, and I remember that many years ago he had seen a beautiful vision. When he was asleep he found someone calling him and said to him, “Mahmoud recites the Qur’an for fifty.” And when I woke up he did not understand the meaning of the vision and when he asked me I told him I ask: Your heart told me that I feel that its interpretation is that I sealed the Qur’an fifty times, and actually sealed it fifty times at that time, and after that it was a lot.


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