She was invited to El Gouna, but she did not. An unexpected comment from Rajaa Hussein about the artists’ dresses


The able artist, Rajaa Hussein, revealed her opinion about the looks of the stars during the artistic festivals, which always raises a state of controversy, and whether or not she follows the festivals.

Raja Hussein said, in the “Sweet Al-Kalam” program broadcast on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel, laughing, “A strange question that was not answered, festivals, uh! A time when there were festivals, respect, creativity and modesty … Watch the festivals of Faten and Shadia wearing uh. People cannot be caught. “

و .ضافت Rajaa Hussein, “The festival is not just because you dress. The festival is that you play a role that affects me. I take from the sweet and the beast .. These festivals are not dressed.”

وفتعت Rajaa Hussein, “I was invited to El-Gouna, but I did not go, because I know I play Al-Koumi without playing Shallah. I am all my life in the environment in which I grew up in my life. You saw me wearing something or did you see me once doing the behavior of theirs? .. at all.”

It is noteworthy that the latest work of artist Raja Hussein, the series “Wahat Al-Ghouboub”, which was shown in 2017, starring the artist Menna Shalaby and Khaled Al-Nabawi.


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