She wore a wedding dress last year with 8 million pounds … the most prominent look


02:58 PM

Saturday 07 November 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Yesterday, Friday, the artist Hanadi Muhanna celebrated her wedding at the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, in an open place in one of the famous hotels in Cairo, taking all precautionary measures due to the Corona virus.

Hanadi wore a fluffy white wedding dress that was fully embroidered with embroidery and rose. Hanadi completed the elegance of the dress and chose with it a wedding veil decorated with the same embroidery of the dress, and adorned it in the front with her hair piece, and left her hair down below her.

Masrawy reviews Hanadi Muhannas most prominent looks, which caught the eye

White Jumpsuit:

Hanadi Muhanna wore a white jumpsuit, fitted with sleeves, and a strong makeup, and left her hair loose, while her fiance, artist Khaled Saleh, wore a gray suit, with a white shirt, and coordinated with his appearance a wristwatch.

Our long white dress:

As for her marriage contract, she wore a long white dress made of lace fabric, and she adopted a strong makeup, and coordinated her appearance with a bracelet, earring and ring.

-Wedding dress at Devillet Ahmed Hafez:

Artist Hanadi Muhanna wore the most expensive wedding dress of 2019 designed by Egyptian fashion designer, Ahmed Hafez, as part of the “winter fashion show”.

The wedding dress is encrusted with diamonds and reached a price of 8 million, and the design is characterized by being made of French lace fabric, which is considered one of the most expensive types of lace, in addition to jewelry studded on the entire model

Black Jumpsuit:

Hanadi wore in one of the looks a black jumpsuit made of velvet fabric, with a single sleeve story, and the model is characterized by a black backstension made of tulle, and Hanadi adopted a strong makeup, and coordinated with the look, a clutch in silver, and black shoes, and left her hair down.

In a short black dress:

Hanadi wore a short black dress, sleeveless, with ruffles from the bottom, and she adopted strong makeup, and she wore simple accessories consisting of earrings and bracelets, coordinated with the look black shoes, and left her hair hanging down.


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