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Artist Sherif Ramzy underwent a new filming session, chose casual clothes and surprised his followers with a new block, and this session came while he was attending the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session and staring on the red carpet with simple suits that caught the eye.

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Singer Sherif Ramzy recently participated in a video from Dora Farah, singing the song “Laqet El-Tabtaba”, and commented, saying: On important information I would like to tell a few people who know it, I am the salvation of singing.

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The artist Sherif Ramzy was the first to attend the wedding of the Tunisian star Dora Ali, the architect Hany Saad, and he was accompanied by his wife, artist Reham Ayman, from the first moments to congratulate the newlyweds and share their wedding moments.

Dora celebrated, yesterday, her marriage contract with the architect Hany Saad, in the city of El Gouna, and Dora appears in an attractive dress, in an elegant ceremony limited to family and some close friends from the artistic community and outside.


Artist Sherif Ramzy said, during his attendance at the opening ceremony of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, that he is happy to participate in the festival, thanking the organizers of the festival, explaining that this year’s presence is very important after the spread of the Corona virus, and organizing the festival a message to the world that Egypt is culturally, artistically and tourist safe. Which will affect the Egyptian economic situation.

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