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“Pandemic” or “pandemic” won the “Word of the Year” award for the year 2020, affiliated to the “Merriam Webster” dictionary.

The word received the most search results in the dictionary, according to what it announced on its website, after a year in which the world witnessed the death of 1.4 million people due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The supervisors of the English dictionary said through the site: “Sometimes the word is known for a whole period of time, and it is appropriate in this exceptional year, which is unique in its difficulty, that one word immediately takes center stage.”

The dictionary defines “pandemic” as “the spread of a disease across a wide geographical area (such as several countries or continents) and affects a large proportion of the population.”

The word origins in the Greek language, where “pan” denotes “all or all” while “demos” denotes “persons”.

The world’s interest in searching for the meaning of the word increased, after the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 disease a pandemic, on March 11th.

The word “witnessed the highest individual rise in the dictionary for the year 2020, and the search for its meaning increased by 115,806 percent, compared to the search results for the same word in 2019,” according to the company responsible for publishing the dictionary, which was founded in 1831.

The winning word last year was “they” (the pronoun for the absentee), which is used to refer to people who do not identify themselves as male or female.

In 2018, the word “justice”, meaning “justice,” won before it “feminism” meaning “feminism” in 2017, and “surreal”, meaning “surrealism,” in 2016.

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