So you can see in your comfort .. Learn the free channel to transfer the match of the century


Al-Ahly Club and Zamalek Club will meet in the African Champions League final match this evening, Friday 27 November 2020, at exactly nine oclock at Cairo Stadium, in an Egyptian final for the first time in history.

The free channel to transfer the Al-Ahly and Zamalek club match today, Friday:

The Century Final match will be broadcast on the BN Sports channel group and the exclusive carrier of the tournament, BN HD7, with commentator Issam Chawali, but another channel has also announced its transmission of that match.

Ontime Sports announced that the match would be transmitted via the terrestrial frequency according to the rules governing the rights to broadcast the match between Al-Ahly Club and Zamalek Club in the Confederation of African Football, and the commentary will be related to the commentator Medhat Shalaby.

The match will be broadcasted with two high-quality HD units, and 15 cameras will be taken to cover all parts of the stadium, which includes a drone camera, which is a flying camera in order to display the shape of the stadium of the final of the century match from the top.


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