Source Leela Koura: Hammoudi signs a new contract with Pyramids


A source close to Ahmed Hammoudi, the former Al-Ahly wing, revealed that the player had signed a new contract with Pyramids Club for the next 3 years.

The source said in exclusive statements to “Yallakora”: “Officials of the Pyramids Club met with Hammoudi and a new contract was signed with the same financial terms that were included in the old contract.”

He added, “Hammoudi will be registered in the team’s list for the new season, after it was not possible to register him at the beginning of the last season due to the conditions of the local team’s list, which had been completed at the time and there was no room left for him and at that time the player understands these circumstances.”

The source concluded his remarks: “Smouha, Enbi and Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandari clubs negotiated with Ahmed Hammoudi to join him in the new season, but the player apologized to them because of his association with a contract with Pyramids Club, and his assertion that he is receiving good treatment and feels comfortable.”


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