Special | Muhammad Ramadan danced in Hebrew … New details revealed by Khaled Refaat


1:57 PM

Monday 23 November 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jyoushi:

Dr. Khaled Refaat, head of the Taiba Center for Political Studies, said that there are many facts about the crisis of the ceremony that Muhammad Ramadan attended, accompanied by a number of Israelis.

In a special statement to Masrawy, he explained that the first part of the post he wrote through his Facebook account is divided into two parts, the first related to pictures of Ramadan with a number of Israelis at a party in the UAE.

He continued, “As for the second, it is related to the story of Ramadan with Rashid Al Habtoor, as he is preparing to establish a headquarters for his company in Tel Aviv, and he held the ceremony on the occasion of the opening, and Muhammad Ramadan attended to the Emirates and participated in the ceremony, which was attended by the head of the Jewish community in the Emirates, Solly Wolf.”

He added: “The one who exposed the whole story, Hamad Al-Mazrouei, but after he published the picture in the text of the Ramadan hour, he asked him to remove it, so he failed, but then the IDF spokesman published it, and it was published by such a page, after which the Israeli singer and player published it, and every country within an hour and a half,” They mean, we will not bring you to delete the picture. Your turn is if you attend this party and spread the idea of ​​normalization. “

He revealed that he does not criticize the situation except for two reasons, the first is that Ramadan is an Egyptian artist, and like it or not, it is said that Ramadan is an Egyptian representative.

He added: “The second reason is that Ramadan is a hard-working actor and has his fans. He addresses his audience with a specific theme, which is the theme of the super hero, the oppressed, who overcame difficult circumstances and the rich, so through this theme he was able to form a specific audience, which he sees in the image of the hero.”

He continued, “It is natural that we are concerned that the public may imitate him in normalization, because the public sees him in the image of a hero, and we as Egypt for 30 years have fought Israel 5 wars, and it does not hide its greed towards our land, as for the Gulf, they are different circumstances and their case is different with Israel than with us.” .

He revealed that Rashid Al Habtoor published a picture of the ceremony, and that Ramadan had traveled to the UAE on a plane owned by Rashid Al Habtoor.

He continued: “The problem is not we who exposed Ramadan, the Israelis within an hour and a half, they are the ones who exposed it, and then you are not denying it, what is the problem that you say you attended the party, and then you do not know the Hava Nagela song that all people know about, you were dancing in Hebrew on it?” in the party”.

Khaled Refaat indicated that some businessmen there would help him get a role in an international movie.

He explained that the Representative Professions Syndicate previously punished the author, Ali Salem, by dismissing him from the Syndicate on the charge of normalization, and there are strict decisions on this matter.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Ramadan is in an unenviable position, but his problem is vanity and failure to acknowledge the mistake he made.”

It is worth noting that on Saturday, 3 photos of Muhammad Ramadan gathering with Israeli celebrities appeared on social media, which caused a sensation, and caused the public to attack Ramadan.


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