Special .. The Football Association decides to refer Kahraba to discipline after its clash with Mohamed Fadl


Members of the Five-Year Committee, which runs the Egyptian Football Association, asked their colleague Mohamed Fadl to submit a memorandum to the Disciplinary Committee, against Mahmoud Kahraba, the Al-Ahly player.

The cameras caught a quarrel between Kahraba and Fadl during the ceremony to hand over the league shield to Al Ahly, during which Kahraba pushed Fadl with his hand.

Private sources confirmed to “Sada Al-Balad” website that the committee members contacted thanks, to find out the scenes of the crisis, as he assured them that Kahraba ignored his handshake, in a strange behavior, and when he chastised him, he pushed him in a strange hand.

The members of the committee agreed to refer Kahraba to the Disciplinary Committee, especially since it was not his first incident, and he had previously created a crisis after the Super match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, after which he was suspended 10 matches.

It is worth noting that there were great criticism directed at Fadl by Al-Ahly, before the start of the ceremony, due to his failure to allow the representative of the company sponsoring Al-Ahly to be present at the coronation ceremony, for fear of the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-Ahly received the league shield, yesterday, Saturday, after playing the final match, and defeating Al-Jaysh by three.


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