Sports Minister responds to Zamalek’s statement


Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, commented on the statement issued by Zamalek Club regarding the inspection of the club, noting that the ministry’s goal is to preserve the entities.

Zamalek had issued a statement on its official website asking why the inspection scenario was repeated unnecessarily in the club at this time (See the details).

Sobhi said, in telephone statements to “On Time Sports” channel Monday evening: “The Central Auditing Agency has inspected and supervised the financial system, distributing several committees to all clubs, including Zamalek.”

He added: “The inspection is not judicial but administrative, and the committee is carrying out its work and has not finished yet, and no official decision has been taken regarding Zamalek yet, and the results will be announced through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.”

He continued: “There is one committee in the Zamalek club, and we are studying with the ministry’s advisers the situation and what should be taken after the administrative inspection in Zamalek, and upon its completion we will announce the results, and we do not exercise any means of pressure on any institution.”

The Minister of Sports concluded, saying: “The ministry’s ultimate goal is to preserve the major sporting entities, and what I mean by preserving the entity is the need to preserve the institution, activity and tournaments, and in the end the law prevails.”


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