Spotted a sea creature on the beach similar to dragons known as “the most beautiful killer in the ocean”


Spotted a sea creature on the beach similar to dragons known as

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Media reported that on November 16, a woman encountered a strange marine creature along the beach in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa.

The marine creature is described as “the most beautiful killer in the ocean” because of its dazzling blue color and deadly sting.

The creature named Glaucus atlanticus, known as the blue dragon, was found on Fish Hoek Beach near Cape Town in South Africa by a woman named Maria Wagner, who was on a hike, after being washed ashore by the waves.

The strange creature feeds on the deadly Portuguese man-of-war (a species of jellyfish), and other poisonous marine animals. The stinging cells then absorb their food and store it in concentrated doses, giving it a much stronger sting than its prey.

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Typical symptoms of a blue dragon sting include nausea, pain, vomiting, and acute allergic contact dermatitis.

Wagner said, “I’ve never seen such a creature before even though I’ve lived near this shore most of my life. It looks a bit like a sea scorpion. It is small, about an inch long, and is blue on top and white on the bottom. It was not difficult to see it.” On white sand. ”

She added that she had a feeling that touching this creature would harm her, which luckily prompted her to move away from him, indicating that he was still alive when she saw him, and perhaps this is what makes him not need her help and perhaps the tide will return him to the sea easily.

The woman posted amazing photos and a video of the creature she discovered on the beach on her Facebook page Fish Hoek Beach.

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