Sudan announces a boycott of a meeting called by the African Union on the Renaissance Dam


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Sudan decided not to participate in the ministerial meeting on the Renaissance Dam, which was called to be held on Saturday afternoon.

Dr. Yasser Abbas, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, in a letter sent to Dr. Bikli Slichi, Ethiopian Minister of Water Resources, affirmed Sudan’s position calling for giving a greater role to the African Union experts to facilitate negotiation and bring the apartment closer between the three parties. Feasible.

The message reaffirmed Sudan’s adherence to the negotiation process under the auspices of the African Union to reach a binding and satisfactory legal agreement for the three parties, in accordance with the principle of African solutions to African problems.

During the previous meeting, Egypt stressed the importance of resuming negotiations in order to reach as soon as possible a binding legal agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, in implementation of the decisions of the meetings of the African Union Bureau at the summit level held over the past months, and expressed its aspiration to participate in the round The coming negotiations, in order to reach a fair and balanced agreement that achieves the common interests of the three countries and preserves their water rights.

Egypt and Sudan are seeking to reach a legally binding agreement that guarantees adequate flows of water and a legal mechanism for resolving disputes before the dam starts operation, but in August Ethiopia celebrated the first phase of filling the dam and insists on completion without an agreement.

Egypt adheres to its historical rights in the waters of the Nile River, and international decisions and laws in this regard, and rejects any unilateral measures that Addis Ababa proceeds with, and demands Ethiopia to adhere to the principles of international law.

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