Sulaymaniyah Book Fair … “With prevention we accompany books”


The organizers called the exhibition “With prevention we accompany the books,” and a number of visitors to the exhibition told Sky News Arabia that the opening of the exhibition in light of the pandemic is an achievement in itself.

The exhibition, which stresses safety measures, prevention and compliance, includes a number of cultural, literary and artistic events, seminars, and evenings.

It was a fair Sulaymaniyah The book opened on November 18 and continues until the 27th of the same month.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Sulaymaniyah, Haval Abu Bakr, and representatives of the Ministry of Culture in the regional government Kurdstan IraqAnd a number of government officials and representatives of diplomatic missions in the Kurdistan region, and a group of writers and intellectuals, and thousands of attendees.

400 publishing houses from 17 Arab and foreign countries are participating in the exhibition.

The exhibitions were dominated by the titles of Kurdish libraries and publishing institutions, which consider the exhibition a cultural and national celebration to unleash Kurdish cultural innovations, not only in Iraq, but also in Turkey, Iran and Syria.

The organizers believe that the exhibition plays a role in introducing readers to the Kurdish issue, whose books occupied a large part of the exhibits, with the expansion of the circle of interest in it from politics and sociology to novels of love and war and their stories.

Syrian Kurdish publishing houses and libraries allocated the proceeds of their sales in the exhibition during its first session, last year, to the people of the city of Ras al-Ain, which the Turkish army invaded last year, in a major military operation.

Despite the tyranny of Kurdish content, there is a remarkable presence of Arab books, as publishing houses from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon participate, making the exhibition a platform for Arab-Kurdish culture.

Sulaymaniyah is known as the cultural capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, due to its intellectual and literary vitality, its social and cultural openness, and the fact that many of the leading poets, writers and artists of Kurdistan are descended from it.

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