“Sultan and Samia” .. Odeh “stupid from him in it 2 raise a fuss of social media – Al Bashaer newspaper


The news of the return of the famous comedy movie “Stupid in it” in its second part, after its great success 16 years ago, caused a sensation.

And according to what was reported by “Sputnik” from many Egyptian media, the Egyptian producer Ahmed El-Sobky decided to produce the new part.

He added that “Al-Sobky” is currently negotiating with the film’s protagonists, Hani Ramzi, Nelly Karim and director Rami Imam, to participate in the new part.

While there was no confirmation from the heroes of the work, the local “Cairo 24” website quoted Ahmed Al-Sobky as saying: “By God, I don’t know who said that.

The first part of the movie “Stupid in it” was shown in 2004, and it is produced by the late producer “Dana Film”, Mai Mashal, and co-starring Hani Ramzi and Nelly Karim and the late Hassan Hosni, Talaat Zakaria, Saeed Tarabeek and Fayek Azab, and it is written by Ahmed Abdullah And directed by Rami Imam.

The events of the movie “Stupid in it” revolve around a very stupid young man called “Sultan” (Hani Ramzy), who seeks to marry his sweetheart “Samia” (Nelly Karim), but her father requires that he prepare an apartment and a dowry within one month in order to marry her, What drives Sultan to steal in cooperation with “Teacher Dabbash” (Hassan Hosni), but he is exposed to many comedic situations because of his stupidity.


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