Summary of the events of the series Bride of Beirut Episode 37 Part Two The secret of Basma’s refusal to marry


Events escalate continuously in Episode 38 of the series Bride of Beirut, Part Two, after the previous episode ended with Khalil telling his wife Naya that he would divorce her and she was shocked about hearing what he says, and she thinks that the matter at its beginning is just a joke, but she is surprised that he speaks seriously and tells her that these things are not for joking so she responds to him nervously Saying you do this because I stand by your mother’s side and he responds to her that the matter is not caused by his mother, so she asks him to give her his phone because there is definitely another girl in his life, which is what prompted him to make this decision, which arouses the curiosity of many about what will happen in the events of the series Bride of Beirut Episode 38 Season Two

The events of the series Bride of Beirut episode 38, season two

In episode 38 of the series Aroos Beirut, Gad asks Basma to marry and brings her the ring, but she refuses and tells her madness. Do you want your mother to punish me with me? Will she tell him that she will marry the maid? Is this your plan to take revenge on her? The two quarrel, and Jad tells her that he loves her, and yet she continues her quarrel with him and leaves him and goes.

Rana Amir attends to the palace and informs Fares that a prince insisted on her today that Fares drive him to school and Fares rejoice, and Amir tells his father that he wants to buy a gift for his girlfriend, and Faris asks him, is she also a fan of him? And Amir replies that they exchange looks.

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Episode 38, The Bride of Beirut 2 series

Faris for Amir buys a love balloon for Amir’s girlfriend. But Amir is surprised that his girlfriend has another friend and the balloon flies from him, and Fares mourns for him, in the series Bride of Beirut Episode 38, and Rana asks Soraya not to interfere with her life again and that she no longer believes her with the accusations she made against Imad; And that he loves her for herself and has no other goals.

Laila hears the discussion of Rana and Soraya and asks her for an explanation. Soraya tells her that she learned from Emad’s sister that he suffers from psychological problems and blames himself for the death of his first girlfriend, and at the end of the episode Fares goes to the house of Amira.

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