“Supporter of Palestine and the Arabs” .. British journalist Robert Fisk will die


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The famous British journalist Robert Fisk died, Sunday, in the Irish capital Dublin, at the age of 74, after suffering a stroke.

The Irish newspaper «Irish Times» reported that Fisk was hospitalized, on Friday, after his health deteriorated, but he was later discharged to die inside his home.

Robert Fisk is the most famous British correspondent in the Middle East for many years, and he witnessed the most prominent Arab wars and their tragedies during the past forty years.

Robert Fisk covered the civil war in Lebanon, the Sabra and Shatila massacre, and also witnessed the Hama massacre committed by the Hafez al-Assad regime.

Fisk, who worked as a correspondent for several British newspapers for many years, also covered the Iran-Iraq war, and then the Gulf War in 1990.

Fisk is one of the most prominent journalists in support of the Palestinian cause, and he participated in covering the 2008 Gaza war, and spoke about the Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians.

Fisk was one of the staunch opponents of the “deal of the century” announced by US President Donald Trump, commenting on it by saying that his plan “said goodbye to the right of Palestinian refugees to return, goodbye to Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and goodbye to UNRWA, but it welcomed the permanent Israeli occupation of the West Bank and full annexation. Of the Israeli settlements established there violating international law. ”

“Fisk” has a long record of covering unrest outside the region as well, as he followed the riots in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s, and then went to Portugal to cover what is known as the “Carnation Revolution”.

It is noteworthy that Fisk, who wrote his doctoral thesis on “Ireland’s neutrality” during World War II, won the Best British Journalist award 7 times.

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