Susan Najmuddin’s husband was buried in America after his death, by heart attack


The husband of the Syrian artist Suzan Najm El-Din, died in the United States of America, after a heart attack that claimed his life, as he was suffering from foot infections, and he had been hospitalized in America to treat the infection he had been exposed to, as he was supposed to be preparing to travel to Turkey to cultivate. Kidney “After that operation, and during the operation in his blood, he suffered a heart attack, but the doctors managed to restore him to life again.

54525-Susan-Najm-Eddin-and her husband

Suzan Najmuddin told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that he suffered a heart attack again, for a period of 26 minutes, and the doctors managed to bring him back to life for the second time, but he suffered a third stroke and died immediately at 2 am.

Suzan added that the body will be buried in America, as her husband, Siraj Al-Din Al-Atassi, was staying in America for 10 years with their children, noting that she finds it difficult to obtain a travel visa from the US embassy, ​​especially after the decisions of US President Donald Trump not to obtain Syrians. On the USA visa.

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