Suspension of studies in schools and a license for government departments in Alexandria tomorrow


Major General Muhammad Al Sharif issued Governor of Alexandria A decision to suspend studies tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25, 2020, at Al-Azhar schools and institutes “teachers and students.”
As decided Major General Muhammad al-Sharif Governor of Alexandria Granting all employees in the service directorates in the governorate and its affiliated bodies that have transferred their specializations to local units a leave tomorrow, due to the bad weather that Alexandria will be exposed to, according to the expectations of the General Authority of Meteorology.

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The decision is represented in the following directorates: education, social solidarity, housing, utilities, veterinary medicine, agriculture, endowments, supplies, organization, administration, manpower, youth, sports, surveying and irrigation.

With the exception of leaders, crews, and outputs, according to the needs determined by directors of the directorates.

This comes within the framework of ensuring that the agencies and concerned authorities have the opportunity to take all necessary measures and deal immediately with the repercussions of instability in the weather and the negative effects resulting from it, and to preserve the safety of citizens.

Alexandria governorate calls on citizens not to leave their homes except in the case of extreme necessity, and in the event of disembarkation, all safety procedures and instructions announced about them must be followed in order to preserve their safety.

Alexandria is currently witnessing the nucleus of the broom, which continues until the end of the month, and the torrential rains that struck the governorate yesterday led to the accumulation of water in a number of main and side streets, amid continuing bad weather conditions and abundant rainfall without interruption all over Alexandria Governorate during the past hours.

Four people were killed, including two children and a woman, in the collapse of a property in the Al-Gomrok neighborhood, in the center of Alexandria yesterday, Friday, as the Civil Protection Forces in Alexandria managed to retrieve four bodies, including two children, a woman, and a doctor.

In Karmouz, a young man was killed, and two others were injured yesterday, Friday, in a partial collapse of a property in the Karmouz area, which is affiliated with the West Alexandria neighborhood.

Heavy rain hits Alexandria again ... Watch

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