Teams app users can make free calls all day to compete with Zoom


Microsoft has introduced an application Teams To communicate via video has advantages that make it superior to Zoom Famous, Microsoft indicated that the application users Teams Through computers, they can now make free 24-hour conference video calls, including 300 people, one time.

Most notably, the person who wants to join one of the aforementioned free conference calls will not need a special Microsoft e-account, or to download an application. Teams On his device, he will even be able to join the call via a web browser.

According to RT, experts believe this feature will make it Teams A strong competitor to apply Zoom The famous one, especially since the latter limits the duration of free group video calls, which include a large number of users, to only 40 minutes.

And Microsoft had introduced the Teams Many practical advantages in the past few months to increase its competition for the rest of the applications, and the most prominent of these advantages is the feature of blurring the background during video calls, and the feature video filters It helps to control the brightness of the picture during video calls and shows people more lively.


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