Thailand demonstrators demanding to limit the king’s control of wealth


Thailand demonstrators demanding to limit the king's control of wealth


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Thousands of demonstrators in Thailand called on the king to give up control of the royal wealth estimated at billions of dollars, united by prosecutions for allegedly undermining the property of a number of their leaders.

Informed sources pointed out that “the police have summoned 12 leaders of the pro-democracy movement in the country, who may be tried under the charge of insulting property, which may expose them to 15 years imprisonment, according to a law that has not been applied for 3 years.”

Despite the judicial threats, thousands of people took to the streets again, as the demonstrators demanded the resignation of the prime minister, the reformulation of the constitution and the reform of the property system, especially the control of property finances.

In 2017, King Maha Vajiralongkorn enacted a law that gives him full authority over the “Crown Ownership Office”, which operates in the sectors of public works, banking, chemicals, insurance and real estate. Experts estimate the value of the assets it manages between 30 and 60 billion dollars, making the Thai royal family one of the richest In the world.

Source: AFP

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