The 41st martyr: Dakahlia Doctors announce the death of the deputy director of the university hospital, as a result of Corona


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Today, the Dakahlia Doctors Syndicate announced the death of Dr. Tariq El-Gamal, deputy director of Mansoura University Hospital, “previously”, who died of his infection with Corona.

Dr. Usama Al-Shahan, head of the Doctors Syndicate in Dakahlia, said that Dr. Al-Jamal died in isolation from Mansoura University after his condition deteriorated due to infection with the new Corona virus.

He added, “Dr. Al-Jamal, the martyr, No. 41, is among the martyrs of the Dakahlia Doctors Syndicate in the Battle of Corona, and his name and photo have been added to the honor board prepared by the Syndicate for the medical martyrs of Al-Walajab during the confrontations with the emerging Corona virus.

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