The al-Ahram Gardens massacre … the son stabbed his mother in the neck and tore his brother with 5


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Wednesday 18 November 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Detectives examined the bodies of a woman and her son who were killed by the first son and brother of the second in the Al-Ahram Plateau.

It turned out that the perpetrator had dealt a fatal stab to his fiftieth mother in the neck, and tore his brother’s body with 5 stab wounds.

Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of Giza Investigations, received a signal from Brigadier General Muhammad Nabil, head of the Al-Haram Division, killing a woman and her son, and wounding a third in Al-Ahram Gardens.

Brigadier General Assem Abu al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza, directed the transfer of a force to the place of the report, under the supervision of Colonel Muhammad al-Sagheer, the inspector of the Haram Division.

An inspection of Major Muhammad Bahaa, head of the Al-Ahram plateau, revealed that a house owner and her son were killed by separate stabs, and her daughter’s husband was injured, and he was transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment. And that the perpetrator is the son of the murderer.

Major Hani Ajlan’s investigations, assistant to the Al-Haram Investigation Department, concluded that a verbal altercation took place between the 27-year-old accused and his sister after he refused to accompany her to her younger sister to spend the night with her in the marital home.

With the debate raging, the twentieth decided to prevent his sister from leaving with his sister and her husband, repeating, “You will not go with you or go to you.”

The sound of the quarrel rose, so the sister’s husband intervened, trying to calm his brother-in-law’s horror, especially knowing that he was psychologically shaken, directing his speech to him, “The matter is simple, there is no need if your sister is with us.”

Without introductions, the 27-year-old grabbed a knife, stabbing his sister’s husband, in the body, and the mother and brother intervened to prevent him.

The quick intervention of the neighbors saved the sister’s husband, so he was taken to hospital for treatment.

Major Muhammad Saoudi, assistant to the Al-Haram Investigation Department, managed to arrest the accused and the instrument of the crime, and take him to the department’s office for investigation.

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