The Alexandria Festival administration decides to cancel the screening of a film that could be broken at the opening


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Today, Saturday, the Alexandria Festival’s makers decided to postpone the screening of a fragile film by Hanan Mutawa, which was scheduled to be shown at the opening activities of the Alexandria Festival. The date of the film’s screening has not yet been announced.

A breakable film written and directed by Ahmed Rashwan, starring Hanan Mutawa, Rania Shaheen, Fatima Adel, Amr Gamal, Khaled Khattab, and with the participation of a number of guests of honor, Hanan Youssef, Assem Najati, Muhammad Radwan, Wajih Ajami, Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Hala Omar, Ahmed Fathi, and a large number of new faces also participate in the film, such as Muhammad Al-Moji, Ahmed Shukry, Karim Al-Attar, Naji Shehata, Tony Robert, Iman Thabet, Hind Akram, Muhammad Amjad, Yasser Zaki, Ahmed Iraqi, Muhammad Judeh, Ahmed Kamel, Tony Amin Syed Abdulnabi, Yusef Samra, Muhammad Mohsen, Sharif al-Yamani, Bakinam Ezz al-Din.

It is noteworthy that the Alexandria Film Festival administration decided to postpone the opening activities due to bad weather.

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